Do your body and your wallet a favor: Get rid of the cigarettes!

Bring your body back in balance with the latest discovery from Japan: SmokeCaps. SmokeCaps consists 100% out of natural ingredients and is thereby the way to stop smoking without side-effects. After its discovery in Japan this formula is taking over America and Europe slowly but certainly. Thousands of users went before you. You will wonder why you didn't stop before, stopping was never this easy!

100% natural basis

SmokeCaps consists of 100% of the natural ingredient oat grass. Former research has shown that oat grass has an extreme restraining effect on the need for nicotine. And because this is exactly what you need as a future stopper, SmokeCaps was able to develop this ingredient to a rarely high concentrate. This makes sure your urge for a cigarette will decrease immediately!

This is why SMOKECAPS works!

Plasters, gum…you've probably tried it all. Irritated skin and a pack of gum per day further with zero result….SmokeCaps provide a relaxed stopping period without any nicotine. How is this possible? SmokeCaps influences the brainwaves and enzymes in the head. This lightens the tension and makes you proof against the temptation of nicotine and stress. That way you will have no bother from side-effects such as a bad mood during the stopping period and the need for smoking is eliminated.

Your body needs to recover

Because your body is affected by smoking, you will have to give your body the chance to recover. For example, because of the cleaning inside your body you can temporarily experience coughing and released slime. We recommend you drink enough water during the day. To optimally support your body in this detoxification progress SmokeCaps is full of vitamins and minerals, coming from the highly concentrated oat grass.

Fast result

Because of the powdery substance in the capsule, the working substances enter the bloodstream fast. The entire substance will be completely absorbed within an average of 4 minutes. For an optimal result it is recommended to start taking the SmokeCaps two days before you definitely stop smoking. Because of this, the transition from smoking to not smoking will go very gradually and naturally.


Addiction impulse is handled in the brain
Stopping without nicotine supply
Prevents a bad mood
Stopping without gaining weight



Responsible natural product
Full of vitamins and minerals
Positive effects of SmokeCaps shown by Japanese research



Extra weight support: WeightCaps

The power of habit drives you from smoking to snacking. And that is something you are definitely not waiting for. Therefore, in cooperation with the American company Ultimate health we have developed the proven and patented WeightCaps. Thanks to the Konjac ingredient, the hungry feeling will decrease and WeightCaps will offer extra support during stopping smoking!

The jelly substance that arises after taking WeightCaps with water doesn't only provide a feeling of satiety but also slows down the absorbance of fats and excessive carbohydrates. Result: Your need to eat is decreased; your body is also taking in less calories and carbohydrates! This way, you automatically lose weight, without realizing you are on a diet and without the annoying hungry feeling.